Technical Side Of Web Design Services in Nanaimo BC

When you order web design services in Nanaimo, you probably think of this as a largely ‘design’ or ‘art’ based service and think of it as something that will largely involve holding large stencils to pieces of paper and drawing lines and circles.

However at the same time it’s important to recognize that this is only one aspect of web design, and actually the real work and the technical part is what goes on behind all of that art stuff. Coding and uploading a website is a complex and technical process, so here we will go through some of those drier aspects that a web design company handles.


Drawing what you want a website to look like is one thing, but actually you also need to then code the site so that it is on the page and so that it looks the same on every single monitor and device. This is where the hard work comes in, and it means using at least two programming languages (though not ‘full’ programming languages in the same sense as C or Java). The HTML will be used to layout the basic elements of the pages and ensure that the title appears over the top of the content for instance, and then the CSS will be used to allow for more creative placements and designs and things like coloured frames and backgrounds. This CSS will normally exist in a single file that is applied to all of the pages on your site, meaning that it’s possible to change the colour on every single page by editing just one file. To work well the HTML should be tidy and easy to read, and should take basic SEO into account so that Google can easily spider your pages.

If you have asked for more impressive features on your site such as a forum, a store front, or an interactive game, then suddenly the coding becomes more complex still as the designers are forced to use JavaScript, PHP and possible Flash to achieve the desired effect. This then means that a single site could use as many as five different coding syntaxes.

Web Hosting

Your web design company in Nanaimo will also usually help you by uploading your site for you to a server somewhere and by getting you a good hosting package. This will then mean choosing you a hosting service, and then uploading all of the pages on your site for you. It will also be their job to ensure that the files that make up your site are well organized so that you can quickly find and edit a particular image for instance. It will also be up to your web design company to make sure that your code all points to the right files and that you don’t have any dead links etc. You may ask your web design company to regularly update your site for you depending on your level of skill, or it may be that you also require your web design company to then hand over the reigns to you and to set things up so that you can easily edit them. In some cases that might even mean designing and coding a content management system to enable you to quickly and easily edit your pages. For more information visit: